Jaime de Jaraíz, the Artist

“Rarely does a man, public or not, writer or not, it doesn’t matter, have the honor of opening the doors to such a special work. There is a lot of time in here; moments, seconds, days, hours, years and years. early mornings, silent nights, inspirational afternoons. There are brushstrokes at dawn, at dusk, in broad daylight. There is rapture and accomplishment. How many things are there in a work like this!

Jaime de Jaraíz, who is a castizo made nature of the earth even in his last name, has the quality of provoking universal admiration and grants his work the condition of beauty without borders. De Jaraíz’s work is a successful compendium of pictorial art, where one can sniff out style, traces, manners, antecedents, classicism and innovation of the universal art of painting.

From Altamira to Picasso, from Goyesque splendor to realism. In this book, which is a long navigation by Jaime through the undulating waters of intuition without gravity, he is accompanied by the words of writers, which are like those glasses used in the old theaters that allowed him to get closer from the distant velvet and gold box. to the trembling flesh of the author, to the gesture that shows admiration, pain or joy. This is a lot of work for a single introductory drink, even if I was a long-distance runner at this.

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Alejandro García Galán

Jaime does not want the story that is, in itself, his work to be lost, and for this reason he composes a new model of autobiography, where he puts his paintings and drawings and the rest is given in addition by the creative choir of fifty writers. Come and see! You enter the book. Please let the book enter you. Make a place for yourselves in a large corner and let your pages lay down.

Allow me to open your colored wings and thus begin to appreciate the sublime thrust of the condor’s flight over the head of your attention. You will appreciate it far away at first, but if you leave the atria of your spirit open, the flutter will reach you deeply and fill you with its shadow, and of course its light, as it has happened to me.”

Excerpt from the Foreword written by:

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra

President of the Junta de Extremadura.

Photographic gallery of the life of Jaime de Jaraíz