The Secret of Art made Art

This book whose idea was forged in 1992 has wanted to break all the molds of what an Art book is, ending the monotony of the narrative text accompanied by photos. To this end, Jaime de Jaraíz has given himself with the same enthusiasm and emotion as when he paints a painting, conveying to the viewer exquisite sensations that can only be found in art.

El libro de Jaime de Jaraíz

Jaime de Jaraíz Book, a Classic of the 20th Century.

All copies of this edition are personalized “one by one” with the author’s signature and fingerprint. It consists of more than eight hundred reproductions between works, drawings and photographs. Fifty authors collaborate, including poets, art critics and professors.

The measurements of the book are: 40cm high x 32cm wide and 6cm thick. His weight is 7,470kg. Accompanying the book are two CDs with the recording work of Jaime de Jaraíz, one of them in an orchestral version and the other performed entirely by the author on guitar. All musical fragments heard while browsing this website belong to his musical work.

Technical sheet: Jaime de Jaraíz, a Classic of the 20th Century.

Weight: 7,470Kg
Dimensions: 40x32x6cm
Content: Libro + 2 Cd´s
Number of pages: 510
Number of illustrations: +800
Includes hard case for storage.