Jaime de Jaraíz received a posthumous tribute this Saturday in his hometown, Jaraíz de la Vera, promoted by the City Council, which was attended by his relatives, representatives of local associations and other neighbors to remember him. First, in the church of Santa María, with a funeral mass, officiated by the former parish priest Teodoro Herrero Herrero. At the end, the mayor, Luis Miguel Núñez Romero, addressed a few words, anticipating some of the activities that will be carried out from now on to recognize the figure of the most universal painter and composer from Jaraiceño. Then his son, Jaime de Jaraíz, did it, who, in addition to giving thanks for the tribute, stressed that few painters take the name of their town. “We are very proud to carry this surname,” he stressed.

Later, the renewed nomenclature of the street that bears the name of the artist from Jaraiceño was discovered. Those attending the event stopped when passing by the house in which he was born, on whose facade there is a ceramic plaque commemorating this fact, and then moved on to the Paprika Museum, where an exhibition has been set up with the ten works that They belong to the municipal heritage.

In this space they performed praises to Jaime de Jaraíz, which had initially been planned to be carried out in the municipal cemetery in front of the artist’s mausoleum. The first to intervene was the poet José Iglesias. “It is already the land of their land forever,” he concluded. They also remembered Jaime de Jaraíz, but in a more prosaic way, Alejandro García Galán and Julia Rodríguez-Moñino.

Authorities, relatives and friends, before going to the cemetery, toured the site of the painter’s future museum, which will be installed on the ground floor of the old food market. In the cemetery, after placing several bouquets of flowers on the tomb, a prayer was said and the family once again thanked the City Council for the very special day lived in memory of Jaime de Jaraíz, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his death, which occurred on September 4, 2007.

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