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JAIME DE JARAIZ, Poesía y Música entre líneas / JAIME DE JARAIZ, Poetry & Music between lines

Wherever you go you will be unmistakable. Extremadura is on you, sustains you, and even if you desapear, you will be meeting. Jaime, musician, guitarist, artist. From the brush to the canvas goes by the fingers. And the guitar, woman's body, feels it. You are the unmistakable demonstration to express colors and sounds: painting and music. Value of a few hands for the brush. Value of hands to vibrate.

Poema de Santiago Castelo / Santiago Castelo's poem Poema de José Iglesias Benítez / José Iglesias Benítez's poem Poema de Angel Sanchez Pascual / Angel Sanchez Pascual's poem Poema de Jesús Delgado Valhondo / Jesús Delgado Valhondo's poem


Jaime's guitar sounds far away. It is the painter who plays it and the old folk instrument sounds clean, smooth. And in that sharpness unmistakably Hispanic melodic designs shine. Does the painter play Spanish music? From Jaraíz he plays his own music, the other pole of his creative personality.

Doménico Theotocópulus asked the good musicians of Toledo to enjoy their dessert. De Jaraíz has music for a companion while working those delicate fabrics that permeate our senses of whiteness, light transparencies, mysterious veneros of light. And then composes.

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Web oficial de Jaime de Jaraiz / Official website of Jaime de Jaraiz
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Jaime de Jaraiz. A classic of the 20th century